In the past twelve months, 21-year-old Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter and captivating emerging artist Mayah, penned her 50th original song, formed an eclectic new rock band, and performed in the musical Chicago with Coolum Theatre Players. 

Mayah is a strong advocate for mental, emotional and social wellbeing and her music speaks of our innate ability to navigate challenge and the power of humanity’s irrepressible spirit. The depth and power of her music is abundantly evident in her live performances, and her Spotify releases, ‘Endless Mistakes’, ‘Butterflies’, ‘Making Space’, and ‘Loved & Lost’ demonstrate her broad appeal with well over half a million Spotify streams thus far. 

Mayah produced her last release ‘Loved & Lost’ written following the loss of a dear family friend to suicide, is a beautifully constructed, heart-rending tribute, and a powerful journey into and out of grief. The official YouTube video was launched in October 2021 during Queensland Mental Health Week and has been viewed over 100,000 times.

Mayah could sing before she could talk and began composing songs in primary school. A consummate performer, music is truly in her blood. She wrote her first song age 8 and composed and recorded ‘Bye Bye Bully’ aged 11. She has continued to write, develop and create songs which tell stories of love, empowerment, courage, betrayal, broken hearts, and the importance of optimism with a depth and poignancy that belies her young years.

Mayah and her epic new rock band, played at the 2021 Caloundra Music Festival and opened for the ‘Fabulous Caprettos’ featuring Daryl Braithwaite, Russell Morris, Jack Jones, and Rai Thistlethwayte at Nightquarter, in January, 2022.

Mayah launched her new venture ‘Heart 2 Heart’ with her mother, Karen Clarke, an author and professional mindset coach, delivering talks and workshops to schools on the Sunshine Coast. The presentations combine the poignant beauty of Mayah’s songs and personal experience, along with strategic mindset coaching, to bring the power of music, words, and wisdom to life. 

Mayah is also an official Ambassador for ‘Nurture Festival’ and is currently, delivering mental wellness and wellbeing talks to local schools as part of the Nurture Festival 2023 Roadshow.

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