“With an audience of over 1MILLION across TikTok and Instagram, Jenna with the Pink is the founder of The Self Love Club Movement, a youth advocate and content creator.”

Passionate about promoting self love within this impressionable group, Jenna uses social media in a positive way, with many of her video’s achieving millions of views. An advocate for fighting period poverty Jenna is known for her funny, engaging and entertaining videos tackling common female topics.

Jenna is available for keynote speaking opportunities, sharing her experience as a model who struggled with an eating disorder and how she has grown to become a TikTok star and host modelling self confidence events for her teen fans. Brands love to partner with her as they understand that social media (particularly TikTok) is Gen Z’s key driver for their shopping & purchase decisions.

Jenna is also a talented singer, MC & actress, and regularly speaks to school children (Yrs 6-10) on self love and self acceptance, tapping into her own personal journey.

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Facebook: @jennawiththepink Instagram: @jennawiththepink Tiktok: @jennawiththepink