Sacred Justice Incorporated will be providing a Sensory Space for children at Nurture Festival. 
Sacred Justice Incorporated (SJI) is a Not For Profit Organisation, Registered Charity and NDIS Service Provider on the Sunshine Coast, who advocates for the human rights of children with disabilities or neurodivergence to be protected from abuse. SJI offers Trauma Informed, Innovative Therapeutic Programs that incorporates Somatic Therapy, Mental Health Support, Animal Therapy, Sound Healing, Dance, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Yoga and Martial Arts. SJI is passionate about teaching Protective Behaviours Education to children, caregivers and educators. 
Sacred Justice Incorporated was founded by Valli Slater in order to provide innovative therapeutic options to non-verbal and minimally verbal children to heal from trauma. SJI aims to provide safe spaces for children and their families to heal where they feel accepted, nurtured and empowered. Some of SJI’s NDIS programs include a 1 Day Family Therapeutic Retreat, Self Defence Workshop, Taiko Drumming Workshop, Protective Behaviours Education Workshop, Sibling Group and Short Term Accommodation.

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