endED invites you to gather here in a space that is guided by community, compassion and connection in support of an individuals journey through Recovery from eating Issues or an eating disorder. endED are extending an invitation to make Origami butterflies and hang them on a tree.

endED began at a point of intersection of many personal journeys. Mark and Gay Forbes opened up their home on a fortnightly basis to parents, carers and loved ones journeying the Eating Disorder labyrinth.

endED took shape, led by the community who stepped forward. Through shared discourse, we bared witness to the growth of knowledge that has facilitated more support for individuals and their networks. Support in the way of exploring inclusive and accessible multidisciplinary teams who preface working collaboratively.

This shared knoweldge and wisdom has continued to strengthen and dimistify what is otherwise, a disorientating journey. Since the activation of this community-led gathering, we have expanded our offerings and reach. However, central to everything that we do, remains connection. Connection to those; living with Eating Issues or an Eating Disorder, and to our Parents, Carers, Partners, Siblings, Extended Community, Teachers, Mentors, and Friends of the Sunshine Coast Region.

We will continue to move forward, forging a community support network that assists with accessing pathways to treatment and support, promoting parental and carer contributions to treatment outcomes and driving ideals of collaboration with eating disorder professionals and services, solidifying a connection pathway nurtured by our endED community. We feel so grateful to continue to find strength with one-another, to prop up our shared responsibility [as a community] and to strengthen a greater sense of belonging. 

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